Polşada tədqiqat təqaüdləri elanı

Yanvar 04 2018

Scholarships in Poland in the 2018-2019 academic years for researchers

The Program is addressed to young leaders, holding Master’s (or equivalent) university degrees, who are determined to be actively involved in the development of democracy, economy and civil society in their countries and the region. The program includes two semesters of study at Polish universities (in Warszawa, Kraków, Wrocław, Poznań and Lublin) and two or more weeks professional internships in public and private institutions.

The candidates who are planning to return to their countries of origin after the scholarship program for the purpose of implementing the newly acquired knowledge therein are welcome to submit their applications.

  • Economics and management
  • Administration / management (business, NGO, culture, environmental protection, health care, education)
  • Public administration (government and local government)
  • Law
  • Social science (Social Psychology, Sociology)
  • Political science and international relations
  • Journalism
  • Development policy and Humanitarian Aid


Full information is available here: http://studytours.home.pl/kirkland2017/index.php/en/94-konkurs/146-announcement