On a mountain in Wyoming, the eclipse brings wonder - and, hopefully, answers

CASPER MOUNTAIN, Wyo. — It’s nothing like a sunset. It’s cold and dark, but it’s not like nighttime, or even twilight. The moon just snaps into place over the last slivers of the sun, turning the sun into a dark hole.

August 23, 2017



LIGO snags another set of gravitational waves

Spacetime vibrations arrive from black hole collision 3 billion light-years away
For a third time, scientists have detected the infinitesimal reverberations of spacetime: gravitational waves.

June 1, 2017


Malaria may weaken the skeleton

Malaria parasites leave a trail of destruction in an infected person’s body. The microscopic invaders massacre red blood cells, produce harmful chemicals, and sometimes damage the brain. A new mouse study suggests that the parasites can also weaken bones. If they do the same in people, they could stunt the growth of children infected with the disease.

June 2, 2017


Autism in Motion: Could Motor Problems Trigger Social Ones?

Kids battling physical awkwardness may miss crucial opportunities to learn about interaction
For 6-year-old Macey, lunchtime at school is not so much a break from reading and math as it is an hour rife with frustration.

June 5, 2017


FDA Clears First Cancer Drug Based on Genetics of Disease, Not Tumor Location

Merck & Co's immunotherapy Keytruda chalked up another approval on Tuesday as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said the cancer medicine can be used to treat children and adults who carry a specific genetic feature regardless of where the disease originated.



Baby Volcanic Domes Pop Out in Space Image

A set of bouncing baby volcanic vents is visible in a new astronaut photograph that doesn't look like it was taken over Earth. But the image, released today (June 5) by NASA's Earth Observatory, is humanity's home planet.

June 6, 2017