Results of the 8th “Mobility Grant” competition has been announced

August 11 2017

Results of the competition 8th "Mobility Grant" supporting the participation of Azerbaijani scientists in scientific events (conferences, etc.) and short-term trainings abroad have been announced.

There have been organized three consultative seminars during application period in order to help grantees. 25 submitted projects passed to scientific expertise stage.  It should be noted that, these projects were submitted online through innovative technology created by Foundation, so called “e-Grant” system enabling to use “ASAN Imza” and virtual cabinets.

Following the approval of the results by the Board of Trustees, 17 successful projects with a total financing of 92,000 manat were selected for financing within the 8th Mobility Grant Competition.

8 projects are related to short-term scientific trainings abroad and 9 projects cover participation of scientist in scientific conferences. 8 of the winners are women.

There have been successful 3 projects in the field of physical, mathematical and technical sciences, 1 project in the field of chemistry, 5 projects in the field of Earth sciences, 6 projects in the field of biology, medicine and agrarian sciences and 2 projects in the fields of humanitarian and social sciences.

The successful applicants of the 8th Mobility Grant Competition will participate in scientific conferences and short-term scientific trainings in Turkey, Korea, Georgia, Poland, Russia, Germany, Greece, France and Spain.

The main purpose of the “Mobility Grant” Competition is to support development of the science in Azerbaijan, to stimulate the participation of the scientists in scientific conferences abroad, to create conditions for the establishment of international scientific relations, to strengthen the scientific potential of the country.


Executive Directorate of the Science Development Foundation