“Muslim-Azerbaijani elite of Karabakh in political issues and modernization“ book presented Muslim-Azerbaijani elite of Karabakh in political issues and modernization book presented

October 25 2018


Presentation of the "Muslim-Azerbaijani elite of Karabakh within political tensions and modernization" book that has been published within “Karabakh elite: The new elite of Karabakh during the modernization process and within irreversible political turmoil” (end of the 18th -20th ceuntries) (head of the project – Azad Garibov and Eva-Maria Auch) held in Baku Slavic University. Authors of the book are Prof. Dr. Eva-Maria Auch, the Chair of the "History of Azerbaijan" faculty at Berlin Humboldt University in Germany and Prof. Rasim Mirzayev from the same faculty.

The book has published in honour of the commemoration of the centennial of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic.Libraries, research institutions and universities of the country and various institutions will be provided with several copies of the book.  

Opening the ceremony, jointly organized by the Science Development Foundation and the Azerbaijani Literature Department of the Baku Slavic University, Rafig Novruzov, Vice Rector for Scientific Affairs, spoke in detail about the scientific and political significance of the book, as well as mentioned the importance of having such a book in the German language, as a new step of making the world familiar with Karabakh realitities. Professor Rakhila Geybullayeva, head of the department of "Azerbaijan Literature" of BSU, said that this work needs to be considered as one of the most valuable projects.

Elchin Babayev, Executive Director of the Science Development Foundation in his speech, touched on the contribution of the Science Development Foundation to the centennial of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic mentioning that, on this occasion, thisbio-bibliographic lexicon was published in German by the Science Development Foundation.

The book is a product of the same grant project and has been published as a result of the joint research work of German and Azerbaijani researchers and serves the purpose of delivering the history of the Azerbaijani elite of Karabakh to German and other international researchers with all its details. Facts in this book introduce obvious evidences in the context of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, underlining that this region has always been an undividable part of Azerbaijan.

The book provides a comprehensive analysis of collective biography to the public of the German-speaking countries, as well as to the international community, with a purpose to demonstrate the exceptional role of the Karabakh region as one of the main spiritual and cultural centers of Azerbaijan in the establishment of national thought and statehood.

Afterwards, co-author of the book, Professor Eva-Maria Auch spoke about the history, approaches, essence and scientific significance of the work, as well as and answered questions.

Head of the International Relations Department of BSU, Professor Habil Mammadov, Executive Director of Translation and Publishing and Printing Center Alish Aghamirzayev, Dean of Pedagogical Faculty, Professor Flora Naci and others also attended and made their remarks.