The book “Theory of Literature: Development Stages and Problems”, has been published by SDF

January 31 2019



Within the framework of the grant project of the Science Development Foundation (Project Manager: Doctor of Philology, Professor Tahira Mammad) the book "Theory of Literature: Development Stages and Problems",  has been published in 2 volumes. The book's scientific editor and author of the book is academician Isa Habibbeyli, and reviewers are academician Nizami Jafarov and Doctor of Philological sciences Mammad Aliyev.


The first volume of the book covers the modern view of the problem, theoretical dynamics in literature research, literary trends and their manifestation in Azerbaijani literature, the theory of stereotype-archetype-prototype widely applied in the modern world.


In the second volume, the theory of literature is investigated by modern criteria and research is being carried out to summarize new theoretical views on the international and national scale. The textbooks on the theory of literature are reviewed and evaluated in the context of scientific values. Literary schools in Azerbaijan are systematized on the basis of creativity of their representatives. It focuses on the dynamics of literature and time and space.


The book will be a valuable resource for scholars and researchers as well as for students. It is also planned to hold a book presentation ceremony for the public. 
Executive Directorate of the Science Development Foundation